Friday, November 27, 2009

Written By Gary

Today's blog has been written by Gary. It is something that he feels very strongly about. While this blog may offend some, please understand that is not the purpose. The purpose is to educate.

This past year a lot of horses have come through our barn. Some young that needed to be started, others that just needed a refresher and some that needed finishing. I also had a few come through that needed to be started again because their owner's had attempted to do this on their own.

While I can understand the desire to start your own horse and feel that accomplishment is yours and yours alone...I need to stress the level of danger here. The videos and books made available today make training sound very easy. They were put together by some great marketing companies and all involved have made a lot of money off of them. However, from experience and the horses that have come through, I can tell you IT DOESN'T WORK. If it did work, you would see the top showmen using these methods. Tell me, how many trainers at the shows do you see using these methods? I'm not talking your local fair, I'm talking the big ones. Riding horses is a dangerous sport. We all know that and hear of riders being injured on a regular basis. So when riding, ride smart.

My question to you is this....Why gamble with the starting/training of a horse based on gimmicks & great marketing? The first rides on a horse are the rides that stay with them. When you climb on their back, their knee jerk reaction is that initial memory. I have had horses come through that have been scared to death of accepting a rider because of that initial experience. Let me tell you, while I am good at fixing problems, I can not erase that memory from the horses' mind. What I can do is make the training process a relaxed process for them and give them a good experience. I can teach you, the rider, how to "manage" the problem. These issues can stay with the horse for a short time or long time. There are a lot of variables involved from the temperment of the horse to the confidence and experience of the rider. The methods and tools I send you home with, are the same ones I send my daughters out to ride with. They are tried and true.

My training program is based on experience and that experience demonstrates success. We are not "yahoos" here, I take my job very seriously. The training I put on a horse can be undone by the inexperienced rider who chooses to ignore the methods taught. Unlike most trainers I have included a special time for the horse owner/rider to come and ride with me. This time is dedicated to insuring they have the tools to take their horse home and continue riding and enjoying their horse.

These methods are the methods I have used during the horse's time with me and I have had success. I share them with you so that you too will have the same success.

I have won a lot of awards from the race track to the show pen. In order for me to be successful I have pretty much tried it all. I know what works and what doesn't work. This is why you have brought your horse to me.


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